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Smile to Life

22 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par TEVI-BENISSAN Daté Martial Publié dans #Vie en Société, #Foi-Religion

Smile to Life

Have you ever seen a child's eyes shine? Like the first time he or she goes on a ride, eats ice, or manages to do something alone, such as cycling, or swimming without assistance.

The children's ability to marvel at everything is prodigious and seems unlimited. The question is: What happens when you grow up? What happens to us, adults?

Over time we get accustomed to these little things of life like the morning song of birds, the sunset, the laughter of a child, the flavor of a good croissant accompanied by a coffee to start the day well ...

Too often, monopolized by our daily obligations and all kinds of thoughts, we no longer take the time to savor, stop and breathe. The routine takes over and even in our relationship we forget why we are together. Is this the life we ​​wanted? Some will say that it is the circumstances of life that make it really time.

Yet God created all things for you to enjoy, to enjoy. From sunrise, to the lapping of the waves, to the flight of swallows in spring, all this has been given to you so that you can enjoy it.

And if today, now, you make the conscious decision to let you marvel at the incredible beauty of the creation that surrounds you? By the grace of God who still surrounds you in this day? By his kindnesses renewed this morning?

Enjoy every moment, live deeply and be filled with the joy of the Lord! Let nothing steal your ability to marvel you! Let the bosses that break your morale do not prevent you from appreciating the small and good things that surround you! May the little disputes arising from misunderstandings not separate you from your happiness! May the happiness which surrounds us keep you from the nature of those who are ready for you! That the living conditions and even the way of life of your friends do not prevent you from seeing the beauty that sleeps in them.

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